MIND.Funga launches free e-book “Macrofungus Image Capture Protocol”

15/01/2022 12:39

Photographs are an important step for identification and taxonomy of macrofungi, through them the macroscopics structures that compose fungi can be observed, obtaining that way rich information about fungi morphology. Thinking about the need to obtain good photos to know and document the Funga, the e-book “Protocol for Capturing Macrofungi Images” was idealized. This guide is part of a larger project, which involves the development of an application for recognizing macrofungal species through photographs, and, in this important way, aims to provide tips for those who want to photograph macrofungi. We all know it is important that the images are informative and might help in the recognition of the diversity of these organisms. The basic guidelines range from the scenario preparation, going through all the angles of the fungus that must be photographed, important information to be registered, even about how the application is being developed to help in the recognition of species with the use of artificial intelligence.

The guide was developed in a multidisciplinary way by the MIND.Funga team developed together with the Laboratory of Image Processing and Computer Graphics from UFSC (LAPIX).

The bilingual (Portuguese and English) e-book “Macrofungus Image Capture Protocol” is now available for FREE download through the link. The species recognition app, MIND.Funga App, is still in the testing phase and the logo will be officially launched.

The realization of this book was only possible through partnerships and financial support from some entities, such as CNPQ, CAPES, FAPESC, PPGFAP/UFSC, INCT Herbário Virtual, SBPC and INCoD.

[Click here to download the E-Book]