PROTAX: Hymenochaetaceae

Understanding Hymenochaetaceae (Basidiomycota, Fungi): from complexes resolution to confirmation of phylogenetic classification of genera

Chamada CNPq/MCTI/CONFAP-FAPS – Programa de Apoio a Projetos de Pesquisas para a Capacitação e Formação de Recursos Humanos em Taxonomia Biológica – PROTAX N.º 22/2020 (FAPESC 2021TR390, CNPq 441821/2020-0). Coordinator: Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler dos Santos. Duration: March 2021 to march 2024.

Species of Hymenochaetaceae are very recognizable by their brownish and golden colors.

Hymenochaetaceae is a family of polyporoid fungi with brownish colors that, as many other groups of fungi, have an historical problem of lacking clear morphologic characters for species and genera delimitation, hence many taxonomic complexes. This difficulty makes it difficult to understand the family and its conservation. This fact is even more important when we know that in certain megadiverse regions, such as the Neotropics, this family is poorly known.

This proposal aims to give a basis to the understanding of the real diversity of Hymenochaetaceae in Brazil. We want to better delimit miss interpreted taxa with great geographic and morphologic extent, which may reveal an unknown diversity. We want to fill gaps in distribution knowledge and qualify taxonomic revisions, as well phylogenetic analyses after sampling in type localities of Brazil. Genera will have its circumscriptions revisited and considered in temporal ranking analyses. This proposal will bring significant contributions to the understanding of the family from a global perspective.