1st Brazilian Workshop on assessing fungal species for the IUCN Global Red List

Want to find out more about species included in the Workshop? Access the link: http://iucn.ekoo.se/iucn/species_list/event/21

This workshop is organized by MIND.Funga in association with the Fungal Conservation Committee of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. The main goal of this event is to engage and capacitate Brazilian mycologists on species conservation, by strengthening efforts to assess the conservation status of the Brazilian Funga and its inclusion in the IUCN Global Red List of Threatened Species. The event will take place on three occasions.  The first two sessions will focus on  the theoretical and practical foundations of preparing documentation for a conservation status assessment.  The third session is a workshop where the species will be assessed and submitted for inclusion in the IUCN Red List. By the end of the event, we hope to increase the capacity of 15-20 mycologists, and to have 80-100 fungal species proposed and assessed. The sessions will take place in September through October 2021, and the participants will be invited by the organizing committee.

Participants of the first meeting of the 1st Brazilian Workshop on Fungal Species Assessment for the IUCN Global Red List.