INCT: Virtual Herbarium

INCT – Virtual Herbarium of Flora and Fungi 

Analysis of herbarium fungi samples is fundamental to diversity studies.

Chamada INCT/MCTI/CNPq/CAPES/FAPs no 16/2014: INCT – Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia Virtual de Plantas e Fungos. Edital Institutos Nacionais de Ciência e Tecnologia/CNPq. Duration: 2016 to now. Coordinator: Leonor Costa Maia.

The Virtual Herbarium of Flora and Fungi (INCT) wants to integrate insights and actions from herbarium curators, taxonomists, information system programmers and network specialists with a single objective, making data and quality information of the collections available freely and openly on the Internet. This Virtual Herbarium should fill an important strategic gap in Brazilian environmental issues and in the National Science and Technology System. The INCT’s mission is to provide society, the government and the scientific community with quality data of public and open access, integrating information from the country’s collections and data of collections from Brazil, deposited in collections around the world.