Coordination and Team


Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler-Santos

Professor at UFSC, CNPq Researcher, and MIND.Funga Principal Coordinatos

Ricardo is from Rio Grande do Sul and has been studying fungi for over two decades, since the beginning of his academic formation. His research interests permeate Systematics, Ecology, and Macrofungi Conservation. Most of his work is with wood-inhabiting macrofungi. Off duty, he loves to play with his children (Olivia and Frederico) and likes to make churrasco, and appreciates good wines and beers.

Diogo Henrique Costa-Rezende

Postdoctoral researcher at Pro-Trindade, PPGBOT-UEFS collaborator, and MIND.Funga Conservation Actions Coordinator

Diogo is from Midwestern Brazil, Mato Grosso state, and has worked on projects involving diversity, taxonomy, ecology, and fungal conservation. At home, he dedicates himself to his children (Bernardo and Darwin). His hobby is to practice Crossfit.

Genivaldo Alves da Silva

Postdoctoral researcher at PPGFAP-UFSC, and MIND.Funga Research Coordinator

Genivaldo, better known as Genis, is from Primavera do Leste – Mato Grosso. He started his postdoc in June 2020, and since then, he is charge of questions involving molecular biology and phylogenetics, in addition to that, he assists in conservation research. His favorite fungus is Inonotus sousae.


Researchers and Scholarship holders

Eloísa Leopoldo

Undergraduate student of Biological Sciences at UFSC and PIBIC-CNPq scholarship holder

Eloísa is more one member to fall for the fungi. She works with fungal conservation research, especially in cloud forests, and is responsible for the scientific dissemination of MIND’s research. Her favorite fungus is the classic Pycnoporus sanguineus due to affective memory. Certainly, in this mycological journey, many other species will take her heart.

Kelmer Cunha

Undergraduate student of Biological Sciences at UFSC and Scientific-Initiation scholarship holder at MIND.Funga

Kelmer is a native of Florianópolis, the typical manezinho, and is working on fungi conservation and metagenomic projects. He is investigating the effects of traditional land management in the soil Funga in highland grasslands areas of Santa Catarina state. In his free time, he usually plays bass in a rock band.

Edilene Souza

Undergraduate student of Biological Sciences at UFSC and Scientific-Initiation scholarship holder at MIND.Funga

 Edilene is an interdisciplinary person, as since before falling to fungi, she has delved into mind philosophy, epistemology, and logic. She is involved in science communication and a metagenomics-based project that aims to understand human-associated impacts on highland grasslands soil fungi in Santa Catarina state. But the macrofungi still makes her eyes shine, with Cymatoderma caperatum being her favorite species. In her free time, she breathes art and likes to go out on outdoor activities.

Thiago Chaves

Undergraduate student of Computer Sciences at UFSC and PROTAX-CNPq scholarship holder

 Thiago is a “manezinho”, that stands for someone born and raised in Santa Catarina Island. But how a computer science student would be involved with MIND.Funga? That’s right! Since 2020 Thiago has been experimenting with AI and Deep Learning, and now he’s applying this knowledge to refresh how fungi species are determined. His background is helping MIND.Funga takes a different look into taxonomy, and the AI technologies will sure help develop research through citizen science. And guess what, Gliophorus graminicolor is already his favorite fungi species.


Iolly Barbara dos Santos Mesquita 

Master’s student at PPGFAP-UFSC and PROTAX-CNPq scholarship holder

 Iolly comes from northeast Pará, égua! She is passionate about fungi and started her studies with polypore diversity in a small Amazon forest fragment. In addition to not waiting for anyone to do anything, like a good proactive person, other characteristics that define her are her dedication and stubbornness. She loves hanging out with friends to talk and drink. Her favorite fungus is Ganoderma stipitatum, but she predicts falling in love with Phylloporia, as the genus will be master’s research subject.

 Luan Marcos Valentini Lazzarotto 

Master’s student at PPGFAP-UFSC and CAPES scholarship holder

Luan comes from western Santa Catarina, and is passionate about nature, especially the Atlantic Forest and its vast diversity. He is working with the Aparados da Serra Geral Cloud Forests’ ecosystem conservation assessment, identifying the main threats to determine the ecosystem’s collapse risk, and incorporate it into the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems.

 Mahatmã Titton

Master’s student at PPGFAP-UFSC and FAPESC-CNPq scholarship holder

Mahatmã is very fond of technologies. His research involves a Citizen Science program to access the Funga of Santa Catarina through the participation of volunteers. He is also one of the researchers working to disseminate what MIND.Funga has been developing. He is always very calm and helpful; nothing seems to shake his good mood. Inonotus rickii and Wynnea gigantea are his favorite species.

 Thiago Kossmann Cardoso

Master’s student at PPGFAP-UFSC and FAPESC-CNPq scholarship holder

Thiago is a natural-born researcher. He has been working both on the diversity and conservation of fungi from Cloud Forests of Santa Catarina. He laughs and jokes with almost everything and is a musical connoisseur. His eyes shine when he sees resupinate fungi.

Weslley Ibarros Ribeiro Nardes

Master’s student at PPGFAP-UFSC and CAPES scholarship holder

Weslley studies entomopathogenic fungi from São Joaquim National Park. He is an excellent illustrator. You can see his illustrations in the book which he is also an author: “The discovery in the little things”. Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is his favorite fungus. Off work, he usually exercises his artistic ability and also dedicates himself to craftwork.

Denyse Kalyne Sousa Guimarães

PhD student at PPGFAP-UFSC and CAPES scholarship holder

Denyse is from Piauí, oxe! She has been studying fungi that look like gilled mushrooms but are closer to polypores, mainly species in the genus Panus, but also other species in Panaceae.  With her super relaxed way, fun is guaranteed. She also loves Crossfit, no less than fungi.

Felipe Bittencourt

PhD student at PPGFAP-UFSC and Capes scholarship holder

Felipe has the DNA of a taxonomist. He is from Blumenau and can easily analyze in detail the most different morphological aspects of macrofungi. He works with the genus Inonotus, investigating taxonomy, ecology, and conservation issues. His favorite fungus is Blumenavia rhacodes.

Luís Adriano Funez

PhD student at PPGFAP-UFSC and PELD-CAPES scholarship holder

Luís Funez, so-called Funez, is known for his impressive ability to memorize names and characteristics that identify a wide variety of plants, fungi, and even animals. He has been working with phytosociology and diversity of macrofungi in São Joaquim National Park. In his free time, Funez likes to go out for more collection expeditions (adventurous spirit is always present!).

Marcel Comin

PhD student at PPGFAP-UFSC and CAPES scholarship holder

Marcel is from Palmeira, in the countryside of Paraná. He investigates taxonomic problems in the genus Fuscoporia. The love for fungi is seen on the skin (just watch his tattoos). He likes extreme sports, especially surf (he came to the right place!). He also has a lot of skill in preparing dishes where the main ingredients are mushrooms.


Melissa Palacio Pulgarín

PhD student at PPGBOT-UFRGS and CAPES scholarship holder

Melissa is a very friendly Colombian with an easy laugh, who was captivated not only by fungi but also by our country. Her research is on Polyporus sensu lato systematics. Meli loves to go to the beach and to go out dancing.

Carlos Alberto Salvador Montoya

PhD student at Universidad Nacional del Nordeste – Argentina

Carlos Salvador, a.k.a. Carlitos, is from Peru. He has a vast understanding of morphology and molecular phylogenetic analyzes in the family Hymenochaetaceae. During his doctoral studies, the taxonomy of Fulvifomes was the subject. His hobby is meeting with colleagues at the bar for relaxing.

Marcela Monteiro

Master in Biology of Fungi, Algae and Plants and Pro-Trindade CNPq scholarship holder

Marcela is intelligent, organized, and good with numbers, being the team’s financial mastermind. She is also the voice behind many of our videos. Her research revolves around taxonomy and diversity Hymenochaete. Her favorite fungus is Hymenochaete damicornis and in her free time, she loves to appreciate a good beer.


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