PROTRINDADE: Funga of Trindade Island

Funga of Trindade Island: uncovering the hidden diversity

Chamada CNPq/MCTIC Nº 31/2019 – Programa Arquipélago e Ilhas Oceânicas. Duration: 2020 to now. Coordinator: Aristóteles Góes Neto.

Trindade Island is a Brazilian oceanic island still little known in relation to its fungi diversity, and its isolation makes its biodiversity unique. This proposal aims to reveal the diversity of fungi from Trindade Island and the factors that influence the occurrence of fungal species on the island, as well as to raise information about fungal colonization in isolated environments. As a method we are employing metabarcoding techniques, using environmental samples of soil and air. This research will generate scientific information about a group of organisms with high application potential, which includes utility for soil management and reforestation strategies on the island, in addition to allowing the monitoring of these species in the long term.