Universal CNPq: Funga PNSJ PPBio

Morphological and molecular approach on the diversity of polyporoid fungi from Santa Catarina in the Brazilian Program for Biodiversity Research (PPBio), Atlantic Forest Network

The photographic record of fungi collections is fundamental to record characteristics that may be lost during the samples processing.

Universal 01/2016 – Processo n°: 421966/2016-5. Duration: 2017-2020. Coordinator: Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler dos Santos.

In order to continue the inventory of macrofungi in the state of Santa Catarina, expand the sampling efforts and contribute to the knowledge of the polyporoid macrofungi that occur in the São Joaquim National Park (SJNP), field surveys to collect specimens and their ecological data will be carried out. The species will be identified through molecular and morphological analysis, and the taxonomic novelties are going to be described. It is expected to expand the studies of Mycota from Santa Catarina, both in relation to its diversity and in terms of its ecological relationships. We also aim to train specialized human resources, to expand the collection of cultures and to enrich the collection of Herbarium FLOR of the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

This project was created under the scope of the PPBio/PELD 1st cycle: “Biodiversity of Santa Catarina: investigating the association between landscape and biological diversity in two protected areas of Santa Catarina” (CNPq/Capes/FAPs/BC-Fundo Newton/PELD nº 15/2016 –  Duration: 2018-2020 – Coordinator: Selvino Neckel de Oliveira).

Biodiversity of Santa Catarina: investigating the association between landscape and biological diversity in two protected areas of Santa Catarina

Field survey to study fungi of São Joaquim National Park.

Chamada CNPq/Capes/FAPs/BC-Fundo Newton/PELD nº 15/2016. Duration: 2018-2020. Coordinator: Selvino Neckel de Oliveira.

During three and a half year, the Brazilian Program for Biodiversity Research (PPBio-SC) has advanced in the knowledge of local biodiversity. However, the research is still in its early stages and we have a lot to learn about our ecosystems. The continuity of PPBio-SC, together with the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (PELD), will allow not only understanding ecological changes and the degree of vulnerability of local biodiversity, but also the development of studies to understand the processes and patterns that influence the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest. The project is developed in two Protected Areas of Santa Catarina state, where PPBio-SC has established research modules: the São Joaquim National Park (SJNP) and the Acaraí State Park (ACSP), with the main objective of investigating the association between the landscape and biological diversity in these areas.