Macrofungi from Alto Vale

Macrofungi from Alto Vale do Itajaí

Chamada Projeto Biodiversidade do Alto Vale do Itajaí. Duration: 2021. Coordinator: Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler dos Santos.

The project “Biodiversidade do Alto Vale do Itajaí” (Biodiversity from High Itajaí Valley) was planned by the Associação Ambientalista Pimentão, together with Unidavi and Ministério Público de Santa Catarina. The project focuses on uncovering the biodiversity from the 28 municipalities of the Alto Vale do Itajaí region.

MIND.Funga approved the research entitled “Macrofungos do Vale do Itajaí” (Macrofungi from High Itajaí Valley) and conducted field expeditions between 3 and 8 august 2021 with the main objective of constructing a preliminary, but also one of the first, list of magrofungi from the region. The results are still being processed, and will be published in Revista Biodiversidade (série cadernos) of Editora Unidavi.

From left to right: Robson Carlos Avi, from Associação Ambientalista Pimentão, and Felipe Bittencourt, Luís Adriano Funez and Marcel Comin from MIND.Funga.