Lycoperdon sulcatostomum

22/12/2023 20:06

Lycoperdon sulcatostomum. Photo: L. Treiveiler-Pereira.

Lycoperdon sulcatostomum is a gasteroid saprotrophic fungal species that is found growing on dead plant debris. The species is endemic from the southern Brazilian Atlantic Forest, occurring in Paraná (six occurrences) and Santa Catarina (three occurrences) states. Gasteroid fungal species diversity is well explored and documented in southern. southeastern and northeastern Brazil, making L. sulcatostomum to be considered rare, as the species produces conspicuous basidiomata and has few occurrences. Despite this, it is believed that the species can also occur in Argentina and Paraguay, as these countries have areas similar to the species known habitat. The Brazilian Atlantic Forest historically suffers anthropogenic disturbances, such as cattle grazing, urban expansion and land use change. As a result, only 28% of the biome original area remains. Based on the species rarity, its small population size, and the important habitat area and quality loss that L. sulcatostomum is subjected, it is considered Vulnerable under IUCN criteria (C2a(ii)).



 L. sulcatostomum distribution map.


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