PQ: Funga from SJNP

Monitoring of fungi diversity (systematics and ecology) associated to the São Joaquim National Park (SJNP) landscapes in the context of PPBio

Metagenomic studies are important to uncover hidden taxa and patterns.

Process: 311158/2018-8 Demanda/Chamada: Chamada CNPq Nº 09/2018 – Bolsas de Produtividade em Pesquisa – PQ Modalidade: PQ Categoria/Nível: 2. Duration: 2019 to now. Coordinator: Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler dos Santos.

This long-term research proposal aims the modernization of the on the diversity knowledge access and scientific innovation in this study field. It is divided in three subprojects:

  • Subproject A: “Morphologic and molecular approach to the Santa Catarina diversity of polypores within the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio), Atlantic Forest Network“. In this subproject, lignicolous polypores (Hymenochaetales e Polyporales) are the main group of organisms subject to taxonomic and molecular phylogenetic studies. Leading this topic in SJNP, this group of organisms is being studied in this protected area since 2011.;
  • Subproject B: “Aspectos On the taxonomy and ecology of entomopathogenic fungi (Cordyceps s.l., Hypocreales)“. In this project, the entomopathogenic fungi of Cordyceps s.l. (Hypocreales) are subject to taxonomic, molecular phylogenetical and ecological studies. Leading this topic in Southern Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, this group of organisms is being studied on SJNP since 2011;
  • Subproject C: “Mycota associated to Cloud Dwarf-Forests of São Joaquim National Park, Southern Brazil“. In this project, we intent to obtain access to the fungal community associated to the ecosystems of SJNP. Besides the macrofungi sampling through its reproductive structures, the fungal community will be accessed via metagenomic studies (mainly after samples from indigenous plant species) and ecological questions will be answered. Since 2017 this research has the support from specialists from Brazil and other countries.