MIND.Funga – Monitoring and Inventorying Neotropical Diversity of Fungi
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    Publicado em 19/02/2021 às 05:32 PM

    1st Symposium of Fungal Diversity Conservation in Cloud Forest

    The 1st Symposium of Fungal Diversity Conservation in Cloud Forest emerges as result of the activities of the research groups of the Laboratory of Molecular and Computational Biology of Fungi (UFMG) and MIND.Funga (MICOLAB-UFSC) in the quest to get to know the Funga of a megadiverse ecosystem, full of endemisms and heavily threatened, the Cloud Forests. The main objective of the symposium is to demonstrate to the participants the importance of studying Funga in this environment. The event’s target audience is undergraduate and graduate students, professors, and researchers. The speakers (national and international) will present results and perspectives of research carried out with fungi in Cloud Forests around the world, from the perspective of biodiversity, the potential for discovering new species, ecology, and conservation.

    Follows the web site link: http://sympfungacf.com.br/

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    Publicado em 30/12/2020 às 03:50 PM

    Diversity and Conservation of Macrofungi BOT7027

    How about learning a little more about the enormous diversity of macrofungi?

    The elective course “Diversity and Conservation of Macrofungi” will be offered during the 2020.2 semester (February 1 to May 17) by the PhD professors here at MIND.Funga, Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler-Santos and Genivaldo Alves Silva! Classes will take place every Monday in the afternoon and will feature asynchronous and synchronous meetings.

    You’re all invited!